Everlasting Saga

New Campaign?

My Campaign has been going for a while. (like what, 2-3 years?) A few players have been having trouble with figuring out there characters recently, So I was thinking…

Maybe instead of running the two modules I had planned, we go with the one that obviously involves Drakkon. Both modules are gonna probably be as long as the last one we just did. We can make Taking down Drakkon once and for all the Campaign ender and once that is complete we can decide if we keep going or not. If we decided to start over, we could run a campaign on your flying city you built as the characters children/ new generation.

Few reasons I have been thinking this…
I think we have already hit the peak of this campaign. It is starting to get that overly ridiculous feel, and gameplay is starting to slow down.
You guys are very overpowered, but your still 8th level PCs. It’s starting to literally become a whomever is hit first drops situation… Its becoming very hard for me to balance the encounters to prevent tpk but to still give a challenge. It is mostly my fault for letting the power go out of wack, but what is done is done.
Gives dan a chance to be a different character, as he is the other dm, he has been playing the same character for over 2 years. Obviously he could make a new character, but he would be stuck in a very very similar roll, or the party would be extremely fighter heavy. Plus it would be nice for him to finish the campaign with his original character and it would not feel like he is scrapping him.

If you guys just want to keep playing this campaign there are a few things we could do:

1. Nothing, keep playing as is. I feel we will keep having some of the above situations, some could and probably will get worse.
2. I could try to realign and/or readjust the power. This would most likely mean weakening characters in the stats department, and possibly the magic items department. If this is done, epic spells will probably be adjusted again (probably max of 5th level spells and higher level ritual like spells for certain situations)
3. Pull out of the E8 system or at the very least scale it back. If this is done, I may have to adjust treasure a bit, not sure off the top of my head. I would have to add levels to the witch and dragon knight class, but if I did do that, I would probably revamp them thoroughly. Witch might become a wizard archetype and and dragon knight a paladin or knight archetype.

If we did start a new campaign we could look into the following:
1.Everlasting saga or not… I would like to run this world again as it is my world. If you guys wanted to run on the flying city of phoenix, it would obviously have to be ELS. If we did something else, It would probably have to be an adventure path or something, I’m not sure I have the time to homebrew a new world. I might be able to do it if you all assisted on the world building though….
2. E6/E8/Regular/Other: After playing E8 once, I like it but I’d have to tone down the power that comes after it. personally, I still thing E6 would be best if we did another E# game. We can do regular pathfinder, but I will probably start losing interst once we start getting into the double digit levels. There is also Microlite20 and Castles and Crusaders. You guys know what microlight is. Castles and crusaders is kindof like D&D 3.5, heavily influenced by second edition. I know 2nd ed is a dirty word for our group, but I did buy the Handbook, and it looks like they got rid of all the BS that made 2nd edition suck, and looks like a very interesting game. There are also SR and mage, but I always find myself burning out of those games when I try to run them as a campaign.
3. If you guys did start over in the new city, you would be able to have a huge hand in its present form in the campaign and have some control over the old characters as needed.
4. Neil, Art, or james could run a campaign instead. I personally love and would rather run a game, but If one of you guys want a turn at the GM wheel, I shouldn’t hog it. If someone wanted to run a short campaign, it might make for a nice break in-between mine. A mini campaign ran by one of you guys would be a great Idea If I ended up doing any retooling to the system. I wouldn’t be as rushed and would have ample time to make sure everyone is happy with any changes. I am starting to get that burned out feeling and a longer than usual break always helps with that, gives me a chance to refresh the DMing motors and whatnot.

Anyway, Let me know what you guys think. Even if we decide to end the Campaign, there is still a whole module to go through so that there can be closure with your oldest and closest to home enemy. There is plenty of time to decide, but if you want to focus on one module, I would like to know sooner so I can make preparations. If we decided to keep going after drakkon, I could always use the other module afterwards. Anyway let me know what you guys think.

Chapter I-II: The Shoggoth Falls!

The Fearful keening stopped everything in their tracks as the brave warriors finished their fight with the fiendish monkeys. The Shoggoth was upon them! The group quickly gathered them selves and fled the scene, followed close behind by the creature. Fearing the worst, the group left the Ruins and camped outside the barrier of Chaos repelling runes.

After a well needed rest the group made their way back to the ruins, when they discovered a large hole in the ground. Feeling a bit adventurous, Valvar decided that he would take a quick look around, and transformed into his earth elemental state and made his way down…Only to see three Bulletts in their den. Quickly the druid fled out, but the three Monsters attacked. Despite the situation, the group made quick work of the beasts and continued back to the ruins.

At the central tower, the group took the remaining invisible bridge, and found themselves at a large, glass like tower with a flower top. The group made it to the top, except for Barbus, whose ability to fly at the moment was gone. He decided to try to enter the tower by cutting a hole in it. The others however found themselves ambushed three invisible stalkers. Nearly biting the bullet, the flower started to fall, due to Barbus’s continued effort and the top of the tower fell over, crashing into the ground into a million shards of glass.

With the four towers investigated, the group decided to look around more on foot, and quickly found a grater filled with undead lizard folk whom where not much of a fight. In the center of the crater, there was a strange stone oozing with chaotic energy, and as they examined it, that horrid keening started off. With a hunch shared by most of the party, the group started to destroy the stone, but it seemed nearly indestructible protected by the strange chaotic powers that seeped from it. And then the Shoggoth arrived and started to make its way toward the group, slowly but surely. Finally Dar’nasion made his way to the stone and used the “dispel chaos” spell on the staff he found, which dealt a great deal of damage to the stone. And on Dar’nasion’s third and final casting, as the Shoggath’s tentacles were just upon the party, ready to pull them into it torment filled mouths, the stone shattered! With the stone gone the Green mist disappeared and the Shoggoth melted away, leaving a handful of cytoplasmic piles…

When would they ever get home?

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