Dracomorph Druid


Druids are very simple people, think like native Americans and such. They
believe that the natural way is the way of enlightenment, and thus are a
hunter gatherer society. They view technology and other unnatural things as
an affront to nature. Their view on non humans is very biased. They
believe that any non-human humanoid is infected by the evil of the past. It
is there mythos that elves, dwarves, halfelves and other such races were
created with ancient technology and are thus an affront to the natural
order. Trolls and Elves are quite new to them, but both are believed to be
even more demonic due to being far more different in appearance, especially
trolls, whom have a similar image to monsters of long past. Dragons are new
to them as well and are believed to be natural, however druid knowledge is
very minor in regards to dragons. Most other humanoids such as goblins,
gnolls and such are treated as demons as well, and for obvious reasons.
Nixies were believed to be created from ancient technology as well and thus
are treated like an elf would be.

Some races are treated as natural and some even revered in druid society.
The one you know to be revered are the divine blooded, or the lycanthropes.
These humanoids were born with the natural ability to change into their
assorted animal, and are thus treated as a divine being. Most druids
circles are lead by at least one of such being, often making them chief. In
your druid circle, Nawazel is the chief, a werewolf warrior of great renown.
He is a very zealous man whom is active against affronts to nature, whilst
some druid circles will steer clear, his philosophy is to destroy. Due to
Nawazel being a werewolf, many druids in the circle have wolves are animal
companions, and the wolf is the tribes sacred totem.

The wolf clan Was blessed one day by the forces of nature. An infant delivered to the clan’s council of elders from the mighty jaws of a massive Red Dragon. The council left in awe as the dragon flew away analyzed their new gift only to find it to have patches of red scales spotted all over his body. the council unsure of how to deal with such a thing decided to raise the child until such a day in which his inner nature became apparent. It did not take long for the child’s affinity for the natural forces to be come apparent and it was then decided that he was to be trained as a druid. Upon completion of his formal training he was set upon his very first quest as a druid, to seek the forces of nature and obtain an animal companion. Much to the druid councils amazement Valvar returned a grand total of one hour from this quest with an eager wolf companion in tow. Needless to say the council was impressed by the feat of haste that they declared their choice to raise Him as their own the correct decision and any suspicions of him having demon blood or having been created against the will of nature to be wrong. This of course was no accident for Valvar had already befriended the wold well over two months prier when he had offered it some contraband moonshine he had…. “liberated” from the spoils brought back from a raid on a demon settlement. Things were going well for Valvar in the wolf clan up until the faithful night that the clan was surprise attacked by a tribe of rather unfriendly Gnoll’s. The Big ugly brutes had come to take slaves and Valvar was not going to let them get away unscathed. Valvar and Tiarah singled out a lone gnoll and began to attack. Swinging his Quarterstaff wildly the young druid attempted to Brain the gnoll will all his might. A satisfying cracking noise lowered Valvar’s guard as he was sure he had smashed the beasts skull in just to come up with a short jagged wooden stump in his hand. as the now angry gnoll turned to engage his new opponent desperation flooded through Valvar’s mind, reaching for any weapon he could to save his life. Then it came, the inner fire, the force of passion, the surge of pure primal rage flooded up from he center and was unleashed upon his foe. Fire raged froth from Valvar’s mouth burning into the surprised gnoll and drawing the attention of the other panicked druids. The excitement still flooding through Valvar, he gave himself to the battle lust. the world turned into shades of red, anger at his enemies becoming the only thing tangible. Clawing and biting at his enemies the gnolls Turned tail and fled in a panic, leaving Valvar standing at the edge of the druids camp covered in gnoll blood and breathing heavily. Nawazel, the wolf clan Leader Was the first to approach Valvar. Valvar was brought before the council of elders, a grand meeting of all the tribes where he found himself being analyzed and prodded by all of the elders many with looks of great concern. In the haste of getting him before the council no one had thought to even tell him of he brilliant transformation into a fierce red fire-breathing dragon who had near single-handedly fought off an entire gnoll raiding party, and thus was himself surprised by Nawazel’s tale. The excited elders lead by Nawazel’s suggestion declared Valvar to be removed from the wolf tribe and sent out to found his own druid Circle. Valvar still lost and confused as he was sent out on his new quest did a great deal of soul searching. He investigated many of the things that the elders had told him tyo be facts but that no one could give him proof of. such as the idea that the humans that are not druids are evil and destroying the world. Valvar did not believe that anyone would intentional destroy the world and learned of the idea of harnessing nature through crops to feed many people by devoting a section of land to a single task. This did not seem evil, how could one begrudge a person for wanting to feed his family? with many conflicting things in mind Valvar wandered back into the wilderness with Tiarah in tow to explore the other questions, hopefully less troubling than they seemed about his transformation into a dragon. He seemed to recall his hands looking less like hands and his teeth becoming sharp, but his memory after the fire breath was rather hazy. Thinking of which, how DID he breath fire? This didn’t make sense to him either, so he tried it again. nothing. He then tried invoking the feelings that were going through his mind the time in which he had, and he felt it. the primal fire within him stirred. He forced it up and out and sure enough Fire erupted from his mouth, incinerating the small shrub that sat before him and scaring Tiarah nearly half to death. after calming down his companion he convinced her that it was perfectly normal, almost so convincingly that he believed it himself. It became easy to summon fire from then on now knowing how, however the matter of turning into a dragon seemed rather dodgy. How does one turn into a dragon? this troubled him greatly, although he left it be for now and went back to study the things that he could not understand about the shunning of the other races. After witnessing something that should not be possible if the other races were truly so different from humans Valvar began having a deep interest in half elves. If elves are so different from humans how can they cross breed? one does not see half badgers half wolverines though they look just as similar as elves and humans. This idea sent him wondering back into the wilderness almost expecting to see random half and half beasts wandering around, but if there were any none were to be seen.he did not get far before an odd noise attracted his attention. He walked into a clearing to find a lone gnoll caught in a bear trap attempting to bite off its foot to get away, and from the looks of it, it had nearly succeeded. seeing the beast in all its savagery, mouth foaming with blood (mostly its own), stirred the primal fire within Valvar and he felt wash over him, rather than launching it forth, it flooded through his veins, creating a warm sensation throughout his body, his face elongated, his nails grew into thick sharp talons and his skin all over filled in with thick red dragon scales. The trapped gnoll didn’t stand a chance. The transformation didn’t last long, but it was enough to convince Valvar that he really was one of the divine blooded. His totem, the Dragon. Once again he had to calm his companion, though it took a great deal of convincing and more than a little moonshine before the wolf fully relaxed. By this time it was night and Valvar was curious to see what the non-druids did at night time, perhaps he could sneak a listen to their tribal songs, or hear a story of one of their mighty heroes and his feats of strength. He found himself back at the farm house only to be disappointed by the realization that the non-druids held their fires inside of their dwellings rather than in a fire-pit outside like his tribe. Disheartened he wandered back into the woods to set up camp. he hadn’t slept for more than an hour before the echoing screams woke him with a start. looking around desperately to find the source of the screams Valvar spotted the tongues of flame dancing above the treetops in the direction of the farm house. Running as fast as he could, Valvar broke through into the clearing to find a group of five Wolf Clan druids setting fire to the farm house and preventing any of the helpless victims inside from leaving. not knowing what else to do he ran and tackled the nearest druid grappling him to the ground. The other druids seeing this turned and drew their weapons Shouting Traitor as they began to charge. Arrows rained down upon the charging druids one of which fell dead on the spot. the remaining four turned to run away, but only one made it out of the clearing before the second volley of arrows fell the other two. The Druid Valvar was Grappling broke free and turned to face the town guards being lead by a half-elf in exquisite armor. He didn’t stand much of a chance as he fought to the death. however when he fell the entire array of lances swords, spears and various other unfriendly implements were pointed strait as Valvar’s face. Fortunately for him he had left all of his weapons and gear,and Tiarah, back at camp and while lieing confused half sitting up on the ground didn’t pose enough of a threat to merit the immediate execution he was sure was coming. Fortunately the Half Elf who Valvar later learned to be a Dragon Knight known as Barbus Hawk had witnessed his attempt to stop the mindless violence and had order him to be taken in for questioning rather than killed. after being prodded for various information and Valvar answering truthfully to their questions Barbus decided to allow Valvar a chance to live if he could prove himself to be a useful member of the community. No one trusted the druid, and Valvar couldn’t begrudge them that after having witnessed what actually happens during his tribes raids. This did not however stop him from “rebuilding” the burnt out farm house into an odd combination of house and hut that the towns folk quickly labeled the Druid shack. Nor did it stop him from using his skills in druid magic and knowledge of nature to aid in the growing of crops, although none of the farmers that enlisted his help ever invited him into their homes, and often requested Valvar meet them in the night so that other townsfolk wouldn’t label them as traitors or claim that the druid cursed them or what not. Most of his work however was assigned him by his probation officer, who since no one else was willing to deal with he druid, that responsibility fell on Barbus Hawk.


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